Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Perfume in the News: The Pre-Christmas Fragrance Wars

There are two interesting articles today.

The first discusses the ramp-up of perfume advertising that starts in September and leads up to the big Christmas sales for perfume and two new video campaigns.

Big name directors are involve in this advertising; and a lot of money has been spent. Guy Ritchie directs an ad starring Jude Law for Dior Homme, and Martin Scorcese directs one for Bleu de Chanel

Check them out.

Also, tomorrow the latest from Paco Rabane, Lady Million will launch in the UK, in a bottle shapped like a giant diamond. "Hedonism and opulance" seem to be a contrary reaction to the current climate of financial uncertainty. The article lists some other perfumes that might make you feel powerful this season. ( I can vouch for Tauer's Orange Star, it's lovely.)

Read it here.

Photo: Stuck in Customs

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