Saturday, August 21, 2010

Penhaligon's - Gardenia

Light, breezy and pretty

Originally released in 1976, Gardenia was reformulated in 2009 by Bertrand Duchaufour as part of the Anthology Collection. As he did with Orange Blossom, M. Duchaufour created a sheer pretty interpretation of the flower.

In contrast to the number of notes listed below, Gardenia smells deceptively simple. It starts with a very green note, combined with jasmine and tuberose. There is a tartness that must be the rhubarb. In the heart I smell mainly the magnolia over some gentle, warm, woody spices.

Gardenia is fresh and easy to wear. It seems natural yet classic. I like Orange Blossom better, but I could see spritzing on Gardenia for a summer wedding or a garden party, that's the kind of feel it gives me.

House: Penhaligon's
Nose: Bertrand Duchaufour
Head Notes
Violet, Rhubarb, Bergamot, Hyacinth, Magnolia, Green Leaves
Heart Notes
Gardenia, Rose, Ylang, Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Jasmine, Clove, Cinnamon, Lily of the Valley
Base Notes
Benzoin, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla


  1. I just swapped my sample of this away, which I may live to regret, only I recalled it as being a bit indistinct - "weak" even. Mind you, I tested it alongside Amaranthine, which may not have eclipsed it rather. : - )

  2. Hmmm. Sounds nice enough, but I rarely wear these fresh floral perfumes. However, I'm attracted to what you describe as the green opening. Cinnamon is a bit challenging for me, but in the right formulation, it could work.

  3. "fresh and easy to wear" with tuberose in it? I must try this.

    I've been looking for my perfect gardenia. I have been testing Jo Malone Vintage Gardenia and it is lovely, but the tuberose knocks me over.

    BTW, I ordered Penhaligon's samples from the Perfume Shoppe in Vancouver, and they sent actual Penhaligon's samples in cards, 1.5 ml.

  4. Flittersniffer: It is very light compared to his Amarathine. I spread about half the sample on myself to do the review.

    Josephine: The cinnamon isn't noticeable, just a hint of warmth. Although I don't seem to mind cinnamon. Today I'm testing another perfume with it.

    JoanElaine: Don't you love the Penhaligon's sample cards? They're so pretty.


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