Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Perfume in the News: Saks Fifth Avenue Texas by Bond No. 9

Came across this article today: New cologne gives you the odor of the Lone Star State.

Bond No. 9 has come out with another of their store-exclusive fragrances, like their Harrods Rose (for Harrods in England)  and Saks-en-Rose (for Saks Fifth Avenue, U.S.) from earlier this year. The new perfume, Saks Fifth Avenue Texas, is supposed to smell "like a tour through a south Texas garden with warm vanilla, aromatic cardamom and East Indian vetiver and musk." It's only available at the Saks in Dallas,  Plano, Houston, San Antonio and Austin

The comments are hilarious. Apparently they couldn't find anyone in Houston who thought it actually smelled like Texas. I could have guessed that from the notes. Since when are cardamom and vetiver notes that evoke Texas?

Well, I'll have to give it a sniff sometime and see for myself.


  1. This really makes me laugh. Of course it doesn't smell like Texas! How could a NYC fragrance house make anything "big" enough for Texas! And a South Texas garden? Everything is scorched from the heat...What is it supposed to smell like, bubbling beef fat on a grill mixed with crude oil?
    Every fragrance is worth sniffing, and I seem to like anything with cardamom.

  2. EauMG: Mmm, I do love the smell of a good steak on the grill. Have you smelled Amoureuse? The middle of that has a strong cardamom for me.

  3. Do the Bond No.9 folks know that Texas is in North America?
    That bottle looks like a baton twirler's beauty pageant outfit.

  4. JoanElaine: "a baton twirler's beauty pageant outfit" is actually pretty perfect for Texas.

  5. Haha! Right you are! Well, at least they got the container right.


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