Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Parfums MDCI - Peche Cardinal

Sticky peach, creamy coconut, fleshy tuberose

Peche Cardinal is a fruity floral with a southern drawl. She comes on quite strong, not a girl who can easily be ignored. The main notes are peach, coconut, tuberose and some sandalwood – all notes that evoke the south and warmer climes.

The peach in Peche Cardinal is thick and syrupy, with a tiny bit of tart blackberry/blackcurrant. It reminds me of peach schnapps, the sweet liqueur that was my gateway to alcohol as a young flower myself.  The peach is paired with coconut, making everything creamy and tropical.

Of course, peach makes me think "Georgia peach" which makes me think of the ultimate southern belle, Scarlett O'Hara. But it's sensual tuberose, not peach, that's real star of Peche Cardinal. Sweet, fleshy and humid – tuberose is a good match for Scarlett. Unfortunately, this tuberose also has a touch of that bubblegum note that plagues most tuberose perfumes for me (see Vamp à NY and Fracas).

Peche Cardinal well done and, if you like peach, coconut and tuberose, you should give it a whirl. I admire it for being a fruity floral that stays away from melon and berries and peonies.  But Peche Cardinal is not to my taste. This must be what a venus flytrap smells like to a fly. It's sweet, sexy, too much, I drown.

House: Parfums MDCI
Nose: Amandine Marie
Notes: peach, blackberry, blackcurrant, Davana, coconut, lily, tuberose, plum, sandalwood, cedar and musk

Picture: Gone With The Wind (1939)


  1. Another great review!

    This frag is also not to my tastes, but I would be more than willing to sniff it. It brings to mind the word "ambrosia".

  2. One can definitely drown in tuberose. Sounds a little 'much' for my taste, too. Nice review!

  3. Ooh, your vivid description of this scent tells me it is absolutely not for me. Coconut, tuberose, peach, shudder. Why, I have just been over on Chickenfreak's blog avowing my distrust of all pitted drupes!

    And davana is a bitter little note, too...


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