Sunday, June 13, 2010

Honoré des Près - Vamp à NY

Chew On This
Perfume: Vamp à NY
House: Honoré des Près
Nose: Olivia Giacobetti
Notes: tuberose, rum, resins

Lolita chews bubblegum and steals her mother's menthols. More NY jailbait than vamp.

Ok, this perfume made me laugh right away. The first thing I smell is a big blast of bubble gum, with some menthol smoke and a touch of gasoline. Later, as the scent settles down and opens up, the menthol disappears and the tuberose comes out, buttery and rich, but the bubblegum never really goes away.

It made me think of a sixteen year old girl in New York. She knows Manhattan inside out, wears black eyeliner, steals her mother's menthol cigarettes, and chews bubble gum. She wears a diva scent like tuberose because she wants you to think she's older than she is. If I was going to make a perfume called Lolita, this is what it would smell like.

I still like it and I may be the only one who smells it this way. If you've smelled it, tell me what you think.

Vamp à NY is part of a set of 3 fragrances called We Love NY*, the other two are I Love Les Carottes and Love Coco.

Honoré des Près is a niche organic perfume house in France. Olivia Giacobetti a famous nose who has created perfumes for this designer and many others. I will definitely be reviewing some of her other perfumes in the future.

Photo: drivenbyboredom
Sample: I won one of 50 samples of Vamp à NY donated by Honoré des Près to
Grain de musc.

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