Sunday, August 15, 2010

Strange Invisible Perfumes - Peloponnesian


Peloponnesian is an "authentic botanical", "certified organic," "wildcrafted," "biodynamic" and "hydro-distilled" imitation of what my kitchen smells like after a thorough going-over with pine and citrus cleansers. Strong ones.

House: Strange Invisible Perfumes
Nose: Alexandra Balahoutis
Notes: Hydro-distilled orange & lime, cypress, orange flower, mountain sage honey & botanical musk

Photo: Photography_Gal and Jim Moran


  1. Hilarious review! Just dab some cleaner on your self at about 5 cents a dab, MUCH cheaper than the SI juice.

    I prefer natural perfumes myself, they "work" well with my skin, but I like the fake stuff too. I embrace both.

    However I am not going to buy something JUST because it's organic, biodynamic etc. I can't stand greenwashing.

  2. I think I may give this one a miss - thanks for the heads down!

  3. JoanElaine: I love modern perfume molecules, created in a lab, the way I love modern pharmeceuticals: whole-heartedly and with extreme gratitude for their existence. That doesn't mean I not open to trying natural perfumes - I have a few more samples on the way, so fingers crossed.

    Flittersniffer: I could be wrong... but, nah.

  4. Kjanicki - I'm sorry I made you sound like you do not appreciate naturals. That was not my intention, and I apologize. I think I need to invest in the ToneCheck software.

    I am also grateful in the most extreme manner for modern pharma. If it wasnt for them, I wouldn't be around to sniff perfume!

  5. JoanElaine: No apologies necessary! I wasn't at all offended, I was just being flip. The fault is all mine.


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