Thursday, September 1, 2011

Window Sniffing: Jo Malone Wild Bluebell and Diptyque 34 boulevard saint germain

A Quick Sniff-Off

I stopped by Holts on the way home tonight and spritzed on a little of two new perfumes: Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne and Diptyque 34 boulevard saint germain. Both are exclusive to Holt Renfrew in Canada and I coudn't get samples for either one. So, while I still have them on my wrists, here are my first thoughts.

Wild Bluebell Cologne

House: Jo Malone
Nose: Christine Nagel
Notes: Bluebell, Persimmon, Lily of the Valley, Eglantine, White Musk

A celebration of the wild English bluebell, Wild Bluebell Cologne does smell like fresh wild flowers. The top notes are sweeter with a hint of clove. The heart smells like a combination of aquatic and melon notes (is that calone?), violet leaves and lily of the valley. It smells like I just pulled a handful of wet lilies up by the roots. Did you like Tauer Carillon pour un Ange? There's something of that in it, but no leather, The base is very musky.

34 boulevard saint germain

House: Diptyque
Nose: Olivier Pescheux
Notes: Top notes: blackcurrant, green leaves, fir leaf, citruses, pink pepper, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. Heart: rose, geranium, tuberose, iris and violet. Base: woods, resins, balsams and eucalyptus.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Diptyque  released a perfume that is supposed to re-create the smell inside their flagship store - a combination of all their perfumes. An interesting idea but I don't think the perfume really works. It's a lightly spicy and woody with a strong leafy green top note and a hint of eucalyptus. But I get an off-putting sourness somewhere in the middle that keeps me from liking it.
The base of 34 is a nice amber.

Bottom Line: Neither one is rocking my boat but I'd recommend Wild Bluebell if you like fresh lily and musk.


  1. Huh. I was interested in trying Wild Bluebell, but if I already have a small decant of CpuA, what's the point? On the other hand, the world needs more CpuA clones instead of Angel clones...

    and, by the way, what gives with the catatonic woman in the ad? She's skeering me.

  2. Hi Muse,

    Well WB is a little sweeter up top, fresher in the middle and without the leather in the base than CpuA It's wildflowers. If you like CpuA you'd probably like this too. Yeah, that chick kinda zombie, isnt' she? Bunnies are cute though.

  3. I tried WB recently and thought it was OK but nothing special and I doubt it will make into my collection (even though I like this line). Also I really dislike the ad. This is, if I'm not mistaken, the first time they pictured live objects and both a woman and rabbits scare me: it seems like she might be... well, not exactly alive and rabbits might start feasting at her any moment (I know, I know, I watch too many scary movies).
    On the other hand, I didn't even think of trying 34 Blvd but I got it with the purchase, tried and really liked it.

  4. Hi Undina,

    Your fantasy killer bunnies made me laugh.


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