Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nasomatto - Black Afgano

Hard To Get

What is it about something that's hard to get that makes you want it more?

Nasomatto has a line of perfumes some of which are cheekily built around the idea of narcotics. Perfumes in the line have names like Hindu Grass, China White and Absinth. Black Afgano "aims to evoke the best qualities of hashish" and "arouse the effects of temporary bliss."

If you're afraid that you're going to attract dogs in the airport, don't worry. It's not the smell of hashish that Nasomatto is trying for, but the idea of it.

Black Afgano smells dry, dark and herbal and a little sweet. It's very strong when first sprayed, with big sillage for a little while, but there's some interesting development close to the skin. The main notes are dry grasses, earth and dark wood with some incense smoke and a hint of spice. As I wear it I keep thinking I smell something sweet around me but when I check my wrist it's still that strong wood, herbs and smoke. It's not until much later, when the strong top notes have faded enough, that I can detect the sweetness on my skin, a little sticky and slightly vanilla, like smelling vanilla cake.

A bit of a mystique has grown up around Black Afgano. It is notoriously hard to get. The rumour is that because of the difficulty of acquiring its main ingredient, that only a few bottles are made at a time. This may be true, but it's also possible that the restriction on availability is deliberate. If it is a marketing ploy to make Black Afgano unattainable and therefore more attractive, it's totally working. My local shop, Noor, was able to get 6 bottles and they were all sold immediately. They may be ordering more. I'm thinking about it.

I'm not even blown away by the perfume, but I find myself wanting a bottle because it's rare. I also like the Nasomatto line in general; they are all high quality scents and they're perfume extrait strength. I previously reviewed* Nuda, which is a very good jasmine. And I covet the bottles. They are so pretty.

So what do you think? Have you ever purchased a perfume just because it was rare or hard to get?

House: Nasomatto
Nose: Alessandro Gualtieri
Notes: hashish

*BTW: In my Nuda review, I complained about the Nasomatto website. It's much improved.


  1. I bought Black Afgano on a trip to Chicago, before I knew much of anything about the line, and it is one of my faves. If I'm honest, I have to admit that knowing now that it's hard to get makes me like it a little bit more too. It is a hard scent to wear--not for everyday, that's for sure. But it is intoxicating--dirty, smoky, black, resiny. Deliciously naughty smelling to my nose!

  2. I understand completely the attraction this label has on you. They are beautiful scents with a very specific texture: they feel heavy at first but when you put them on they become so easy to wear and pleasing. I have my eye on Silver Musk.

    I have bought a perfume just because it was rare and interestingly enough t was created by Alessandro Gualtieri. It is a special edition bottle created by Gualtieri for the Dutch dance theatre ICK Amsterdam. The bottle is amazing too! The scent is very close to Black Afgano I think. Sweet resinous and incense-y.

  3. Hi Memory,

    Oooh, now I want to try ICK Amsterdam perfume! You've reminded me that I've done this before. I bought Roja Dove Diaghilev unsniffed because there were only 1000 bottles made. Luckily I love it.

  4. I' ll let you sniff my ICK if you let me sniff your Diaghilev! LOL

  5. I buyed it because its rare ^^

  6. its available @ now. hury up =P


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