Sunday, January 23, 2011

My cup runneth over - and Jacomo Rare Winner

You can't fight fate

This weekend, I saw my parents for brunch and was given an early birthday gift. My mother, knowing how much I love Fritsch Pharmacy, stopped in and picked up a gift for me from Mike Fritsch. It's another box, just like the one I received at Christmas, full to over-flowing with samples of vintage perfumes. Mike had been combing through his collection and gathering them together just for me.

I am so grateful for his and my mother's thoughtfulness, but it does create an interesting dilemma for the future of this blog. I now have enough perfume to review for maybe 2-3 years, based on my past frequency of posting. It seems silly to order more samples. But that means that this blog will become mostly one about vintage perfume, at least for a while.

It's so strange, the twists in the path of life. I never expected this to be a vintage perfume blog. I guess I never expected perfume to have such an presence in my life at all. When I started being interested in perfume, I was not a big fan of vintage, or of bloggers who wrote about these wonderful things that I would probably never be able to smell. I even complained about them. Hello, Irony, please come in - sit down.

But I won't turn away from this opportunity. I have access to things that not many people do; I feel like I have to share them.

I'm too flighty to say that this will be a vintage-perfume-only blog. I still have samples of new releases I ordered in 2010 that I haven't had a chance to write about, and I still occasionally swap with other bloggers for new things. I guess that there will always be new releases (or new to me) that I will want to review. But these wonderful treasures have fallen in my lap,and you can't fight fate. So there will be many vintage perfume reviews coming on this blog. I hope you find some of them interesting.

I also want to mention that the winner of the extra sample of Jacomo Rare is... INES! 


  1. I know all about the irony you speak of. Talk about having to stick my foot in my mouth..I was dumb enough to post about the vintage issue.

    This is so wonderful for you! I am really looking forward to your reviews, vintage and new.

    Enjoy your new treasures!

  2. Isn't it interesting how our blogs - and our thoughts about them - take twists and turns over time? Perhaps this is a natural part of writing; our interests and our style evolves. It helped me once I gave myself permission to write about whatever I want at any given time. Perfume, life, family, our dog...

    Blogging is supposed to be fun! If vintage is what you're into, give it your best shot. You're a good enough writer that I know you'll keep it interesting and enjoyable to read.

  3. oh, I forgot! Congrats to Ines!!!

  4. Yay! Vintage perfume reviews! I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts on those wonderful Fritsch Pharmacy treasures.

  5. I look forward to hearing more about your vintage treasures. :D And yes, ironic how life hits us with what we thought the exact opposite of.
    Yaay for me winning! :)

  6. Krista,

    You write so gracefully about perfumes that whatever you wish to review will be happily received.

    "Hello Irony, please come in - sit down." LOL, I know that feeling.

  7. Hooray Ines for winning, and hooray Krista for a funny and thoroughly relatable essay!


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