Friday, January 7, 2011

Jacomo - Silences

A meditation garden

I received a bottle of vintage Jacomo Silences for Christmas this year from my brother-in-law, bless him. He picked it up at the magic Fritsch Pharmacy which I mentioned in my last post. I suppose I should call it Fritsch Fragrances, which is the name on the sign, but it says Pharmacy on the business card and that's the way I always think of it.

Anyway, back to Silences. Silences is a holy grail for green chypres. It is so lovely, I highly recommend it to both men and women.

Perfectly unisex, Silences has a calm, meditative quality that makes me think of Japanese gardens. It starts with a very green, bitter galbanum note, only lightly touched by citrus. As it warms up on my skin, spring flowers join the green, but Silences remains composed and serene, never sweet or romantic. A soapy rose, a green lily of the valley and a touch of spicy hyacinth drift in, smooth as silk. As a whole, the colour of Silences in my mind is the cool grey-green of sage. Even the texture of sage leaves, like soft, little green bunny ears, seems appropriate for Silences, with it's cool, grey, pussy willow feeling. The base (at least in my vintage) is wonderfully dry, mossy woods.

Like all green chypres, Silences makes me feel effortlessly chic and elegant; poised, adult. As a green chypre, it treads a middle ground for me between the headstrong Bandit and the cold-hearted Chanel No19. Although it reminds me of spring, I can't get enough of it right now; in the heart of winter, I've found a peaceful green oasis.

House: Jacomo
Nose: Gerard Coupy and Jean-Claude Niel
Notes: Top notes: orange blossom, galbanum, bergamot and lemon; middle notes: hiacynth, lily-of-the-valley and rose; base notes: sandalwood, musk, oakmoss and cedar.

P.S. For all those interested in Fritsch Pharmacy:
Fritsch Fragrances Inc.
201 King Street West
Kitchener, Ontario
519 742-1895

Photo: Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC by A Hermida
Photo: My bottle of Silences, by me, all rights reserved.
Photo: Frisch Pharmacy, by me, all rights reserved.


  1. I love this so much, I do hope I never have to be without it again! Green, seamless, grounding, and never less than beautiful!

  2. Love how you describe the color and texture of this scent. It really is like that.

  3. This comes at the perfect moment, I am waiting for this perfume with bated breath, your beautiful description only makes my impatience worse. I so hope it is my green oasis too. :)

  4. I don't tire of commenting my love for Silences. I love your own experience involves more dirt, but that does not make me unhappy. :)

    I love the idea of that store! Stand alone independent fragrance stores...another happy something, like a good chypre. ;) Does it have Silences in the dabber bottle, by any chance?

  5. Hi ScentScelf: I don't know if they have Silences in the dabber bottle, I can't remember seeing it. You could give Mike a call.

    Re: dirt. You know you're right. It has a dry iris, dirty roots thing going too. Even better for a garden perfume.

  6. Oh, I do love Silences, although I haven't worn it since late Summer. Must reacquaint myself. I love the idea of Silences in the winter. Perhaps it could break through our January dreariness!

  7. I haven't spent much time with Silences, but I was struck by its beauty on first sniff.

    This is a gorgeous review. Your description of the fragrance as being "cool" and the texture of sage leaves like "bunny ears" is perfect.

    I thought the bottle photo was an official promo photo! Nice job!

  8. I'm wearing YSL Y today and its so funny, I was thinking I need to re-visit Silences. Wondering if it is available as a parfum?


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