Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Giveaway - The Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose

Try the Godzilla rose

If you read my post yesterday, I think The Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose is amazing. Would you like to try it yourself? I have a vintage carded sample to give away.

Please leave a comment below, on this blog post. Let me know, do you like rose in perfume? and if so, what are your favourite rose perfumes?

The winner will be chosen at random and announced here on Saturday. Please check back to see if you won. You will have to contact me with your mailing address if you are the winner. Yes, I will mail it anywhere, but I can't guarantee what the postal systems will do or how long it will take.

And I have opened comments to everyone. We'll see how that works out. If I get a lot of spam, I'm going back to the "you must have an id" system.

THE DRAW IS NOW CLOSED  Thank you to all who left me a comment, I love getting suggestions of new things to try.


  1. oh I would love to try this. Rose (and incense) are two of my favs in scent. Cannot tell you exactly which rose scent is my absolute fav as I have so many of them! I think that Creed's Fleur de Bulgarie is top, but I do love Agent Provocateur too.

  2. I used to like rose in perfume. Then for some reason I did stop liking it and preferred other scents. Now I am rediscovering the rose through different perfumes, among them Une rose vermeille and Trama. I'd love to enter this draw.

  3. I like some kind of rose perfumes, but not all.
    I like fresh roses, with hits of green or dewy roses. Powdery roses are lovely too.
    One of my favorite rose fragrances is Parfums de Rosine Écume de Rose. I love the vetiver of the drydown.
    The kind of rose perfumes that I dislike are those which smell winey, too strong, like macerated roses. I'm thinking of something like Byredo Rose Noir. That's not my cup of tea.

    I would love to be entered in the draw. Thank you!

  4. Being a perfume addict, I have many "favorite" rose perfumes. I pretty much like every one of the Parfums de Rosine, but my favorite is Rose D'Homme, despite being a femme.

    I am wearing Lipstick Rose today, but I also enjoy amber roses like YSL Paris, and Or et Noir. I think it is because I find them romantic and sensual.

    I actually have never smelled Tea Rose, so I am curious.

  5. As much as I love roses I have limited experience with it in perfumes. The one rose scent that I do have now is Cannabis Rose by Fresh, which seems to get little love or attention, except from Chandler Burr. On my skin comes it through as a very true rose sitting on a base of sandalwood. Linear but enjoyable. I see from checking the notes that Tea Rose also has some sandalwood in the base and that may work very well for me. I'd love to give it a try.

    By the way, have really enjoyed reading your posts about Fritsch Pharmacy and the fragrances you have acquired there.

    Thanks for the draw opportunity.

  6. After reading the previous post I put a bottle of the perfume in my Amazon cart and haven't purchased it yet because only the biggest bottle comes with a free shipping and I cannot decide what I hate more - paying for S&H or buying anything bigger than 1 oz unsniffed, no matter how cheap I can get it.

    My favorite rose perfume is Ta'if by Ormonde Jayne.

    UndinaBA @ wordpress(sorry, can't figure out how to post using any of the available "comment as" options)

  7. My fav. rose is Lyric or Tolu by Ormonde aunt used Tea Rose all her life..the smell conjures up images of her house...

  8. I love rose fragrances very much, though oddly enough, I can't wear them days on end. It's sort of a love that requires bookends of space around it (if I wear a rose fragrance on a Monday, for instance, it will be the following Monday until I want to wear another one). That said, my favorite rose fragrances are Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie, Lipstick Rose, Amouage Lyric Woman, Montale Black Aoud, and (most fave) L'Arte di Gucci. I'd love to be in the draw, thanks!!

  9. I love Rose in perfume it is familiar and feminine and brings back nice memories of youth

  10. i love roses in perfume, so i would love to try if i can, cause i am new in this blog.

  11. Thank you all for the comments! I loved reading about all those roses, most of which I want to try. I own Rose Chypree, Lipstick Rose and Ta'if as well. But I think my favourite is the green rose of L'Ombre dans l'eau. I have a huge package of rose samples I will be reviewing sometime soon.

    I'll announce the winner of the draw tomorrow.

  12. My favourite roses are Ta'if, PG Brulure de Rose, Rose Kashmirie and Agent Provocateur, but I am sure I will think of others presently! I definitely prefer a rose scent with a bit more going on in it, though for a simple rose scent Armani Rose Alexandrie is pretty.

  13. I like rose in perfume, but rarely wear. I started my perfume journey to find a perfect rose, and I wandered far away from roses in scents I try, but I still try those roses. I love DSH's roses and I like Nahema.

  14. Rose is a funny one. I love roses in the garden and I like rose in perfume, but I'm not sure I like a "ROSE" perfume. I adore Tauer's Incense Rose and Ta'if and also own Rose Barbare, L'Arte di Gucci and a Rosine, but I don't wear these three too often. I think of roses as colors. Lutens makes a rose that I think is a yellow rose (only tried it once, but I liked it). The three above I think of as red roses. Ta'if I think of as a pink rose and Tauer's Incense Rose, I can't really put my finger on...I just love it.

  15. Hi Vanessa: I nees to try Brulure de Rose, I love a couple of other PG perfumes.

    Hi Warum: DSG+H makes some wonderful stuff doesn't she?

    Hi lang: I love the way you see them as colours, and I agree with your choices. Incense rose is hard, because I see it as ornages then roses then vanilla. Maybe a hybrid tea rose in shades of orange and pink like a sunset. Those are my favourite roses.

  16. Whoops I meant to say DSH up there.

  17. Hi Kjanicki! I actually have a climbing rose just like the one you mention. I can't remember what it's called and the tag has fallen off ages ago, but I know what you mean. There's another rose of those colors called "Joseph's Coat," that is lovely too!


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