Monday, July 25, 2011

Perfume Meetup Recap

With a little help from my friends

Sunday was the perfume meetup at Noor, and it was fun. Fred and Nahla, the owners, were lovely hosts as usual. There were tons of people there, and lots of samples and new perfumes to sniff.

I was struck by the beauty of Stephen Jones from Comme des Garcons. Jones describes it as a "violet that's been hit by a meteorite." Odd description but a pretty perfume. Fred made me a sample and I'll probably review it later.

Kay from Perfumeniche let me smell her samples of Andy Tauer's new Pentachords, Auburn, Verdant and White. My first thoughts were: I like Auburn and recognize the orange topnotes and Taueresque basenotes; I did not like the opening of Verdant at all, too much like lettuces and I hate lettuces, but the drydown was better; and White struck me as the greatest departure for Tauer from his usual, but now I can't remember what it smelled like at all.

Ann from was there and told me all about the Sniffapalooza in New York and let me smell some of the samples she got there. I'm jealous; maybe someday I'll get to go.

Kim Pittaway, another vintage fan like me, brought me a sample pack of some of her new vintage finds! I can't wait to try them.

There were many more people there, I hope I'm not snubbing anyone, but too many to list. I didn't buy any perfume this round, but who knows... That Stephen Jones sample is calling me and I can't get those new Nasomatto perfumes Noor has out of my head, especially the Narcotic Venus, a spicy tuberose and jasmine with real Va-Voom.

Thanks to MasterClasster from Basenotes for organizing!


  1. Hi, it was so nice meeting everyone at yesterday's meet up, trying new samples and putting faces to the names/blogs. Thanks to our hosts and organizer and hope to do it again soon. All the best, Anna

  2. I'm really looking forward to trying Tauer's Pentachords soon :)

    Lovely round up too!

  3. Hi Anna, sorry I spelled your name wrong in the post!

  4. Hi Liam, Tauer perfumes are always interesting. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I'm just curious: how many people were in your meeting?

  6. Hi Undina, that's hard to say. It went on from 12 - 3, but I was only there from 2-3. I would say Noor had about 20 people while I was there.


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