Friday, July 22, 2011

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Ananas Fizz

Welcoming the Heat

It's summertime in Toronto and that means humidity. Some days it's like walking through warm, wet wool. The funny thing is, I really don't mind; I love it hot. We have 8 months of winter here so I appreciate every moment of the summer.

Hot weather does, however, affect my choice of perfumes. On a sticky day in the city, I want to wear something sheer and refreshing. Ananas Fizz fits the bill. It's a cheerful, fruity floral that avoids cloying sugary-sweetness.

Ananas Fizz does start fizzy! The opening is a mixture of grapefruit peel and pineapple. It seems green to me, like the pineapple is still green, not yet syrupy and ripe. It's also much drier than you'd think it would be, an almost acidic edge and the fizz of soda. Later, it becomes softer with creamy floral notes. It dries to a sheer woody veil with hints of pineapple. Unfortunately it only lasts about 3 hours on my skin, but I would happily re-spray this on all day long.

Created in 2004 by Anne Flipo as a limited edition summer scent, it was added to the regular collection the next year. Flipo created another perfume for l'Artisan that I love as well: Fleur de Narcisse as well as the very pretty La Chasse aux Papillons and Verte Violette. I like her work; it feels minimalist and transparent and as if all her notes shine through with their own light.

And here comes the pain, because Ananas Fizz seems to have been discontinued. I DMed L'Artisan for confirmation but haven't heard back. Isn't that just my luck? Why do we always fall for the ones that play hard to get? I only received my sample in a swap recently but I think I'm in love. So Ananas Fizz has been added to my growing "I wish I could find..." list.

Have a bottle of Ananas Fizz to trade? Let me know below.

House: L'Artisan Parfumeur
Nose: Anne Flipo
Notes: grapefruit, bitter orange, bergamot, pineapple, coconut milk, cedar, vetiver, woody notes

Update - July 25, 2011
L'Artisan Parfumeur did get back to me, but unfortunately they confirmed that Ananas Fizz is not on their "programme." They suggested I try their Invitation Créole candles, that the scent is similar. If I find some to sniff I'll let you know.

I did however, manage to find a great deal on eBay for a bunch of Ananas Fizz samples. When they arrive, I'll be decanting them all into one bottle. So I'm set.


  1. Aw, I didn't know I wanted it, your first paragraphs convinced me, and now I'm sad it's discontinued! :) I guess I won't sample it, so that I won't be even more sad if I do like it.

  2. Since I like two of the three other Flipo's perfumes I think I would like this one as well. But since it's discontinued I won't even try to find it: why to add yourself a heartache?

  3. What?! Discontinued? That can't be. This was my first niche purchase. :) And I still love it but there's not much left in my bottle. :(

  4. Hi Alnysie, thanks for commenting. Sorry I'm such a tease ;)

  5. Hi Undina, it's the same with vintage, they can be such heartbreakers.

  6. Hi Ines, Wow, your first niche! Maybe you could buy samples like I did if you want to restock. Although I seem to have driven up the price with my purchase.

  7. My gut tells me that it will be back. It was/is a popular scent and L'Artisan has a habit of discontinuing a fragrance and then bringing it back. Or at least this is what I tell myself to feel better.


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