Friday, April 20, 2012

Lancôme - Ô de l'Orangerie


Doesn't everybody love a sundress? A sheer, pretty scrap of nothing that you can throw on and feel completely comfortable on a hot day is a wardrobe staple. Not into dresses? Think of a well-worn, soft linen shirt. Ô de l'Orangerie is like that - a sheer and casual veil for summertime.

Released this spring, Ô de l'Orangerie is the 3rd flanker to the original Ô de Lancôme. It opens with sunny orange blossom and a brisk orange peel. The heart is a light clean jasmine and the base notes are soft and almost undetectable. In general, Ô de l'Orangerie stays a pretty, lightly orange, slightly sweet jasmine on my skin.

Unfortunately it doesn't stay too long, but at only C$54 for 75ml, one could afford to re-spray often.

House: Lancôme
Nose: ?
Notes: orange zest, orange blossom essential oil, orange blossom absolute, jasmine, benzoin, cedar


  1. Just a clarification Krista, this was actually released last summer, but for some reason we are really behind on the O flankers here in Canada. When I was reading positive reviews of Orangerie last summer, my local Shopper's Drug Mart had just received O d'Azur, which had been released in 2010 everywhere else. L'Orangerie is still not available where I am, and I'm looking forward to trying it.

    You make it sound lovely.

    1. Good to know Dionne! Thanks for clarifying. We are sadly forgotten up here in the Great White North. I hope you get to try it soon.

  2. I not only love your description of the fragrance, but I admire the image you chose to represent it-- its subject looks as cool and comfortable as can be. :)

    1. Thanks Olenska. that would be: Alphonse Mucha. Summer. From The Seasons Series. 1896.

  3. I love this one and your description of it. "A sheer, pretty scrap of nothing" is just the ticket in wardrobes both scented and otherwise!


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