Friday, December 9, 2011

Frederic Malle L'eau d'hiver

In the lane, snow is glistening

Gentle and powdery as fresh fallen snow, L'eau d'hiver is both fresh and cuddly.

L'eau d'hiver was created for the Frederic Malle line by the famous perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. Ellena's style is minimalist and sheer and L'eau d'hiver is a good example of that style. It's a light and easy to wear veil of scent. But simple doesn't mean boring.

With l'eau d'hiver, Ellena was trying to create a new concept in perfume, the "eau chaude." When I smell L'eau d'hiver, I smell a  perfume that feels like a sheer cologne, but instead of the traditional crisp and cool experience a cologne can provide, Ellena added warm, comforting notes as well.  L'eau d'hiver is a combination of these cool and warm elements. 

Powdery iris and musk and an ozone-like note create a impression of snow in the opening. Soft and sweet floral notes of heliotrope and clover-honey float in and change the cool grey iris into something warmer. L'eau d'hiver smells like pristine powdery snow and baby skin.When I wear it I imagine an early morning walk though an untouched snowy world, with the sunrise just turning the sky rosy. Around my neck is a cashmere scarf and on my head is my pink bunny-fur hat.

House: Frederic Malle
Nose Jean-Claude Ellena
Notes: iris, heliotrope, honey, musk


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  2. "eau chaude" - I love the concept. The warm fragrances in my collection are generally spicy sledgehammers.

    Your dog is such a sweetie. What a face!

  3. All I can focus on is your adorable dog! Look at him/her!!!

    (Ok, Ok, I'll pay some heed to the fume)

    But it is a perfect photo for the fume, white snow and fluffy blonde dog

    anyway, L'eau d'Hiver is so delicately cozy. I just wish it had a touch more oomph. Not to be potent but a touch more volume. It's a glorious smell.

  4. First the horses and now this dog. I'm dying of the cute!

  5. Hi JoaneElaine: She is adorable isn't she?

  6. Hello Abigail: You're right, it is sheer, like most JCE perfumes and I usually prefer more assertive perfumes as well.

  7. With Maurice Roucel's Musc Ravageur, Eau d'Hiver is for winter and cold days. They are very powdery, for cuddling into them, If I can put it that way ;)


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