Thursday, March 3, 2011

Atelier Cologne - Trèfle Pur

The luck of the Irish all day long

To celebrate March, the green month, and the upcoming hootenanny that is St. Patrick's day, I am wearing Atelier Cologne's Trèfle Pur today. I feel the need for green to get me through what is usually a not-so green month in Ontario. And a little four-leaf clover luck wouldn't hurt either.

A burst of freshness perked me up right away when I dabbed on Trèfle Pur. A "cologne absolute," Trèfle Pur contains 18% essential oils, which makes is much longer lasting than traditional colognes and it has better sillage. It was love at first sniff. Trèfle Pur is amazing and I only wish that I hadn't waited almost a year to try my sample.

Atelier Cologne only just started in 2010. Trèfle Pur is one of 6 perfumes they offer. To me, Trèfle Pur is an example of the best of modern perfumery. High quality, an interesting composition, and a sheer touch that lets all the notes shine individually yet also combine into a harmonious whole, are some of the hallmarks of the great modern perfume. I love being able to pick out the individual smells of bitter orange, violet leaf, and  neroli, even as they work together like voices in a choir.

Trèfle Pur starts like a sunrise over green fields and winds up in the soft grey dusk, The opening notes combine a bright bitter orange with a green grassy note. The gorgeous green of the cologne comes from clover absolute, and the spicy greeness of violet leaves and basil. As it warms on the skin, wafts of aromatic cardamom and and a lovely floral neroli lift the green off my skin and swirl around me, like an afternoon in a garden. In the dry down, a cuddly musk and a grey mossy feeling comfort me.

Trèfle Pur is almost a combination of two of my favourite Frederic Malle perfumes, Bigarade Concentrée and Angéliques sous le pluie. It has the beautiful bitter orange opening of Bigarade and the spicy, musky, greeness of Angéliques. It is perfect for men and women who are looking for something fresh and green.

I also appreciate the way Trèfle Pur seems to tell a story and set a mood. It creates an olfactory image, a character, that each person can make their own. The marketing images created for each cologne in the collection reflect this story-telling aspect of the perfume. You can see the example for Trèfle Pur, above. I love them; I think they are some of the best perfume ads I've ever seen.

House: Atelier Cologne
Nose: Jerome Epinette
Notes: Top notes: Bitter orange, cardamon, basil
Heart notes: Clover absolute, violet leaves, Tunisian neroli
Base notes: Patchouli, moss, musk


  1. I'll have to try that! I LOVE Atelier Orange Sanguine and Frederic Malle Bigarade Concentree.

  2. Hi Susan, I've heard great things about Orange Sanguine. I want to try all of the Atelier perfumes now.

  3. I am so glad I already have and love Trefle Pur, since your review would make go right out to buy it! ;)
    It is a really wonderful perfume, as are all in that line, glad to see you are a fan too. The images that accompany each scent are so great!

  4. Hi olfactoria, thanks for stopping by! I loved your reviews too.

  5. This is the Atelier scent I have been lusting over! I love the smell of clover, the smell of late summer.

  6. I must get out my sample of this one again - I got sidetracked/smitten by Bois Blonds and Oolang Ifini, the other two scents that Jerome Epinette created for this range.

  7. Trèfle Pur was one of my impulse purchases last Christmas season and I do not regret it.
    What I like about this brand (besides their great scents) is that they have them in a smaller bottles. With all the perfumes I love, like or want to try I cannot go through those behemoth a lot of companies offer as an only option - no matter how much I adore the scent.

  8. Hi Udina, I love companies that offer smaller bottles too! It makes collecting more perfume easier on the wallet and closet space!

  9. This is one that I need to try this summer. I'm intrigued by the basil.


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