Friday, February 18, 2011

Dior - Miss Dior (vintage)

I thought she was a Veronica and she turned out to be a Betty

I have a vintage mini of Miss Dior, I think it's from the 80s, that I've never tried but a recent review by Normand at The Perfume Chronicles made me want to pull it out and give it a sniff.

The opening of my Miss Dior is sharp and green. I can smell a lemony bergamot and some old-fashioned aldehydes and the oak moss from the base. My first impression  was that it is a bitter green chypre; if Miss Dior was person, I would say she was a cool blond and a bit of a bitch. She's beautiful , but cold.

And then she changed. The bitter green was replaced by pretty florals. Miss Dior became cheerful, maybe even a little flirty. Amazing. I like it when a perfume does the unexpected. But she still wasn't finished evolving. In the base notes, a smooth, soft leather with a little smoke joined the flowers. The flirty girl now had some sex appeal. She winked at me as she pulled on a pair of leather gloves.

House: Dior
Nose: Jean Carles and Paul Vacher
Notes: Top notes are aldehydes, gardenia, galbanum, clary sage and bergamot; middle notes are carnation, orris, orris root, jasmine, neroli, lily-of-the-valley, rose and narcissus; base notes are labdanum, leather, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, oakmoss and vetiver.


  1. That sounds great. :) I love it as well when perfumes surprise me (in a good way of course).

  2. I love that image of Grace Kelly, she is my ideal woman. ;)
    It is great when a perfume surprises in a good way. Do you know whether the contemporary version of Miss Dior is much changed?

  3. I may not be blonde and beautiful, but your description of Miss Dior sounds like the first impression I made on many people in my younger days (the key word being impression).

    Miss Dior sounds like a lovely fragrance. I love a bitter green opening and with the added bonus of flirting and winking, this Miss sounds like excellent company!

  4. Hi Olfactoria: I haven't tried the new version. I should and get back to you. And I love Grace Kelly too. It sounds odd, but I thought her character in Rear Window was the epitome of a stylish, modern woman.

  5. Hello Ines: It is nice to be surprised, as long as it is a pleasant one.

  6. Hey JoanElaine: I was mostly just a good girl but I always wanted to be a bitch. And I love a bitter green too!

  7. I like Miss Dior. I wanted long ago to get another bottle of Diorissimo as I had finished it. But they didn't have it. My friend told me "try Miss Dior" oh, i thought that was too bad, i always want to stick on my decisions, but I did and I loved it!

  8. Hi Vintage Lady: Is your Miss Dior vintage, or new? Can you share any details on any differences Between the two?


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