Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bulgari - Omnia

Gingersnaps on a fresh plank

Today, for a refreshing change I'm sure, I'm going to review a non-niche perfume. Bulgari's Omnia is one of my favourite perfumes ever, and you can buy it at Sephora, or at Shopper's Drug Mart. I got my bottle on sale at Winners.

Or, at least you could. I just checked Bulgari's website and they don't even mention the original Omnia anymore. Just the flankers, Omnia Amethyst, Omnia Cristalle and Omnia Jade. I highly recommend picking up the original Omnia in the brown bottle soon, if you get the chance.

In Perfume, The Guide, Luca Turin gives Omnia four stars and says its construction is original and influential. Why are they cancelling this?

Anyway, back to why I love it. Don't read the list of spice notes and wood and think that this is going to be too heavy for you; Omnia is sheer and transparent. It's a perfect woody, fall perfume. Omnia as impressive sillage, and lasts like crazy.

It's fairly linear. The opening has a juicy feeling from the mandarin, and there is a tea note as in all the Bulgari perfumes. But mainly, Omnia is the wonderful melding of three notes: a fresh spicy gingersnap, a creamy "white chocolate," and a wood note like a buzz saw. The wood turns what could have been a boring sweet gourmand into an amazing dry, warm scent. The wood is like fresh sawdust. Combined with the spices and white chocolate, the wood reminds me of a freshly sawed maple plank. Sitting on the plank is a plate of warm gingersnap cookies.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find some bottles to hoard.

House: Bulgari
Nose: Alberto Morillas
Notes: mandarin, saffron, ginger, cardamom, Masala tea, lotus, clove, cinnamon, white chocolate, sandalwood, tonka, guaiac wood (from Perfume Posse)

Photo: kidmissle


  1. Now I read your review, I realized I never tried this. I tried Jade and one other, but not the original. It does sound very good. :) I'll check it out soon.

  2. I, too, love Omnia. It is highly original and you're right - the lasting power is amazing. When wearing this to work one day, a colleague came into my office and said, 'it smells like a dentist's office in here.' Thinking about it later, I could see her point. Something about the spices and wood gives it an almost antiseptic feel. Clean and dramatic. And divine.

  3. I have never heard of or seen this! I see Amethyste everywhere and only Amethyste. I don't like Amethyste. This Omnia sounds great!

  4. Bvlgari Omnia is one of my favorite perfumes ever. I am so happy to see that you like it too! It is another one of those that people claim they can't smell. This is one of the most comforting fragrances that I can think of.
    The lasting power is great too. This is one of the few perfumes that I have used bottles of!

  5. "Gingersnaps on a fresh plank" is inspired! I have a sample of this and must wear it again, as I do like it a lot.

    I own a bottle of Crystalline and a mini of Jade, which are not bad either.

  6. Hello my friends. Glad you guys liked the review.

    Ines and joanElaine: you have to try Omnia while it's still available. It's one of those perfumes that 20 years from now we'll be annoying perfume newbies with stories about how great things used to be. LOL.


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