Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tauer Perfumes - Rose Vermeille

A delicious vanilla and rose-scented macaron with raspberry cream.

Une rose vermeille, (the crimson rose), starts lemony and herbal. It puzzled me at first - I thought I knew that herb, it was so familiar, like a face in the crowd I had seen a million times but I couldn't name it. I struggled to identify it on my own and then I gave up and read Andy Tauer's blog and I knew it was the lavender I was smelling.  Lavender is a tough one for me - it's not my favourite herb. But it's well blended here and not sharp. It did make me think "soapy" when I first smelled it but that didn't last long.

Then, the rose that is the heart of the perfume. The rose is beautiful and lush and real. The quality of the ingredients in this perfume, as in all the Tauer perfumes I've tried, is astounding. It's very peppery in the beginning and I thought that might be from violet leaf, which sometimes has a peppery edge, but I didn't smell any green in the perfume. Again, I consulted Tauer's blog and I read that the bulgarian rose he used was obtained from a steam-distilled essential oil that has a peppery edge to it.

Tauer describes the oil as having a "marzipan" quality as well. Oh yes, that is exactly it. The rose develops with sweet vanilla which seems to open it up, round and creamy. It becomes like those little macaron cakes, made of almond flour and flavoured with roses and raspberry buttercream filling. The raspberry is jammy and never tart but sweet and smooth and rosy at the same time. A hint of violet adds to the fruitiness and reminds me of the lovely wine-purple violets in Serge Luten's Bois de Violette.

The drydown is all gourmand. My wrist smells like a delicious little cake and I almost want to eat it. Une rose vermeille isn't crass or young like many fruity florals, the ingredients are too beautiful - the blend too elegant. This macaron is from a master chef.

I would highly recommend Une rose vermeille to any rose lovers or any fans of gourmand perfumes. It is truly, mouth-wateringly, gorgeous.

House: Tauer Perfumes
Nose: Andy Tauer
Notes: HEAD NOTES: A citrus chord with lemon and bergamot with a hint of lavender.
HEART NOTES: A lavish bouquet of roses, raspberry and violett flowers.
BODY NOTES: A rich body with vanilla, sandalwood, tonka beans and a hint ambergris. (From Andy Tauer's blog)

Photo: miss karen
I won my sample in a random draw from Andy Tauer's blog. Thank you Mr. Tauer!


  1. I haven't yet tried my sample - also won in that wonderful random drawing! but am looking forward to it, very much. From the vial, it smells very raspberry-ish, and I'm hoping the lavender is invisible to my nose as lavender always seems to give me a headache.

    Funny about the name - I was looking at it as the feminine form of "vermeil," as in sterling silver plated with gold. But I see now that it's instead related to "vermilion." Which makes more sense.

  2. The lavender was just in the first minute to me, it went away quickly.

    Andy Tauer's blog mentioned that he thought the rose he used had a little "metallic" effect, so maybe you're right about the gold plating too.

  3. Very nice description, indeed!
    I've been wearing URV the past few days and have really fallen for it's charms. I respect Andy Tauer but I don't love ALL his scents, although this one is a true gem for me. Yummy yet elegant and gorgeous.


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