Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Party - The Party in Manhatten

A swell ring-a-ding-ding

I swoon. Don't you love the elegance and glamour of the 1930's? It was a time of decdent parties on Park Avenue, women in daring gowns and debonair men in tuxedos. The Party in Manhatten has recreated that golden era for you in a gorgeous perfume.

TPiM was created by Paolo Borgomanero, former President and co-founder of Acqua Di Parma. He wanted to create a perfume for those who "appreciate the luxury and charm of old times." According to Fragrantica, TPiM ws inspired by a 1930's perfume from a great perfume house whose name is being kept a secret.

It will be no secret when you wear this perfume - a couple of dabs leaves a significant trail when you walk into a room (the more swellegant french term for this is sillage) - but what a way to make an entrance! And it lasts forever.

TPiM is a chypre with aldehydes. On first sniff, without having read anything about it, I thought "Mmmm vintage!" The smell of roses and rich amber with a hint of citrus are the top notes. I also smell the sparkly champagne of aldehydes. Although there's no tobacco in the notes, I had one coworker comment that I smelled like sweet tobacco, maybe it's the bourbon and amber.

In the middle the rose is joined by the classic florals jasmine, ylang-ylang  and iris. These same flowers are in Chanel No.5 and TPiM reminds me of my precious bottle of No.5 Extrait. The base shares many of the same notes as well, especially the smooth amber and oakmoss. There's a kind of sexy animalic vibe to it as well, even though I see no civet in the notes, the base is musky-sexy.

In the 1930's, my grandmother was a beautiful, 20-something red-head. Although she lived in Detroit, not Manhatten, I can imagine her wearing this perfume, and putting on her best pearls for a party. Maybe she would have slipped away to a speakeasy afterwards; they called them blind pigs in Detroit. Wearing TPiM I can close my eyes and image beautiful women, in furs and gold lame dresses and red lipstick sipping champagne cocktails and smoking cigarettes.

Ladies or ladyboys, if you really want to project refinement, elegance and confidence and ooze sexiness, but want something other than Chanel No. 5, get The Party in Manhatten. It's priced as a luxury item, but it's incredible beautiful, you won't smell like everyone else and it's unforgetable. To quote Ferris Beuller, "It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up." I dream of doing so one day.

House: The Party
Nose: Paolo Borgomanero
Top: citrus, aromatic and spicy with bergamot, tangerine, sage, carnation, bourbon and carrot.
Floral heart notes are: jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang and iris.
The base is woody and musky with vetiver, patchouli, oak moss and gray amber.

Photo: Dorothy Lamour in Swing High Swing Low, 1937

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