Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ormonde Jayne - Ta'if

Roses and honeyed dates with a hot dry wind blowing by.

From the difficult to describe (see Nuit de Tuberose) to the easy. Ta'if is a comfort scent, easy and pretty and great in the heat or in the cold.

From the Ormonde Jayne website:
Ta´if, a town rising 5000 ft above the shores of the Red Sea and overlooking the Arabian desert, is renowned for its plantations of Ta´if rose.
To this desert rose, Linda Pilkington added honeyed dates and saffron - gorgeous and perfect notes with rose. It's like eating a middle-eastern dessert with hands perfumed by rosewater. To keep it from being too sweet or foodie, a touch of pink pepper, like a dry desert wind, rolls over everything. The base is sweet, warm amber.

House: Ormonde Jayne
Nose: Linda Pilkington
Notes: Top: Pink pepper, saffron and dates Heart: Rose oil, freesia, orange flower absolute and jasmine Base: Broom and amber

Photo: labradolci


  1. that's true it is like a middle eastern dessert- and rose desserts are my favourites.

    a very beautiful scent- like all the Ormonde Jayne fragrances also beautifully put together with no expense spared in terms of time or ingredients.

  2. Thanks Rose. I'm jealous of you - living in London and having access to Ormonde Jayne. I have to order online.

  3. Lovely description of Ta'if, which is in my top five scents, I recently decided.


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