Friday, July 23, 2010

Ego Facto - Prends Guard à Toi

Who's afraid of the big bad... melon?

Never, have I seen such a disconnect between the press material for a perfume and what it actually smells like. The name  Prends guard à toi means "Beware." The Ego Facto web site describes this fragrance as:
Its motto: Gather thistles, expect prickles !
Its emblem: A stinging nettle leaf
Its heartfelt cry: Declare yourself defiant
Egoistic Profile: A woman but it could be a man for that matter, with an independent, free and consciously provocative character.
Really, Ego Facto? Really? Ok, here's what it smells like: watery green melon, metallic ozone, faint jasmine, clean musk.

Does that sound "defiant" or "provocative" to you? There's an infamous synthetic molecule called Calone, that is used frequently to provide an aquatic, slightly melony, metallic note - like sea breeze, in perfume. Chandler Burr calls it the "olfactory equivalent of corn syrup" because of its ubiquity. Prends guard à toi smells like Calone and jasmine and some clean musks. Nothing to beware of here. 

House: Ego Facto
Nose: Jean Guichard and Aurelien Guichard
Notes: Green and jasmine

Photo: Turtlemom4bacon


  1. Well hey, SOME of us happen to like it. Sorry you don't, but than that just means there's more for the rest of us.

  2. I'm glad, really Allison, it's great that you enjoy it. It just wasn't working for me.


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