Friday, July 16, 2010

Parfums DelRae - Coup de Foudre

Fall softly into a bed of peonies and roses

"Coup de Foudre" is a French expression for that moment when you are stuck by lightening and fall in love at first sight.  Coup de Foudre uses a special extraction of Rose de Mai France from Grasse. DelRae Roth, the creator of Parfums DelRae, wants us to experience the captivating feeling of inhaling a fresh, live rose in a garden. The Parfums DelRae website calls CdF the "superlative modern rose perfume."

CdF is more of a rose and peony perfume than a straight rose. It starts with a fresh citrus and a spicy green note, like stems and leaves, that I think is the geranium. After a couple of minutes the rose and peony take over, with a touch of lotus, like water droplets on the petals. The drydown adds rooty vetyver and cuddly musk.

I think the strong peony note is the result of wanting to make this a "modern rose." Peony has a delicate rose-like scent, but lighter, cleaner and fresher. It's a popular note in "fresh", modern perfumes. Adding it to CdF may have been to keep the central rose note from possibly reminding people of older rose perfumes that many may think of as "old lady."

Personally I was hoping for more rose, but the peony/rose bouquet of CdF is growing on me. It's lush, lovely and very pink.

House: Parfums DelRae
Nose: Yann Vasnier
Top: Baie Rose, Bergamot, Italian Lemon 'sfumatrice' and Pink Grapefruit
Middle: Rose de Mai France Orpur Absolute, Purple Peony, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Magnolia Orpur, Geranium bourbon
Base: Tonka Venuzuela, Vetyver, White Moss and Velvet Musks

Photo: chatirygirl

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