Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Les Nez - Let Me Play The Lion

Pale, dry golden yellow fur, sand, wood and smoke
Scents of dusty trails,
Of lightly sweetened ochre,
Of sun-weathered wood,
Of silence swept by mild breezes,
Of skies open like an endless azure cut oozing signs
of the coming storm
Wood and incense, my favourite notes. Those are the first two things I smell. The wood is pale and bleached, the incense light, just a trail of smoke on the horizon. Then suddenly the whole perfume lifts. It almost feels like that, a physical sensation. What it smells like is the sudden addition of a light floral, almost herbal note that reminds me of chamomile. That fits with the pale golden yellow feel of the perfume.

There is a peppery spice note, like you wandered through a souk earlier in the day, and the smell of the spices for sale still clings to your clothes.  The whole thing is dusty dry - not quite desert, but maybe savanna, with tall dry grasses, and a campfire at night.

I don't find that LMPTL has a Head, Heart and Base as much as other perfumes, the notes swirl around and up like smoke.

House: Les Nez
Nose: Isabelle Doyen
Notes: incense, wood, spices


  1. I've not tried this, though for a long time I thought I had, as I received a sample of Unicorn Spell in a vial wrongly labelled up as Let Me Play The Lion. It was actually typed, so pretty convincing! But ultimately, very different.

  2. Oh yes, very different! I have a sample of the Unicorn Spell too, but I think I'll wait until next spring and review a bunch of violets all at once.

  3. Interesting review. I, too, am a wood and incense junkie. Might have to try this one!


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