Monday, November 15, 2010

Toronto Scent-Head Meetup

There's meetup sniffa n' swap this Saturday for all GTA fumies, at Noor. Check out Basenotes for the details.

I have several bottles that I bought hastily and now I think I will never wear. Like L'Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse, Havana Vanille and L'Eau de Navigateur. See a trend here? L'Artisan, it's not you, it's me. They're all interesting perfumes in their own ways, but... I'm just bored with them, you know? So, I think it's time we saw other people.  I'm thinking of bringing them along to see if anyone wants to swap. It may be a longshot, but why not? Or maybe someone will be interested in swapping decants.

In case anyone wants to trade decants, I'm going to bring along my full bottle list, my mini list and my samples list. I spent all weekend cataloging. I've never done a decant, but I have supplies being delivered. I'm hoping that swapping decants will cut down on those spur of the moment purchases that I later regret.

Heck, maybe I'll bring all my samples too. I'm inordinately proud of the way I've cataloged and organized them. I'll just need a better box to transport them in.

As for purchasing, don't worry retailers, I'm still your best friend. I have my eye on a lovely little bottle of Hinoki.


  1. How come you have the L'Artisan bottles I need? :)
    If you don't swap them at the meeting, I would definitely be interested in decants from all 3 (since Navegar and Nuit are on my list for some time, well Navegar longer than Nuit).
    Once you get your package (which should be arriving any day now), if you find something of interest in there, maybe we can swap again.

  2. Oh, what fun you will have! Once you get into decanting, you will never look back...

  3. L'eau du Navigateur is divine! I bought this in NYC at the 2008 Fall Ball and it will always remind me of the day B-man and I spent in Central Park. When the mood is right, nothing is better.

    Havana Vanille was a bit of a disappointment, though.

  4. It seems I again switched Navigateur with Navegar (happens to me all the time). Probably because I like them both. :)

  5. Hi Ines: Yes, what I have is Navigateur not Navegar. I've never tried Navegar, is it nice?

    Hey Josephine: If you like Navigateur, have you tried Jacomo Parfum Rare? I have a vintage sample, and the spice/wood top notes are very similar, but it's a floral chypre underneath. very nice.

    Hello Vanessa: I'm hoping it's fun. I like fiddly things; they relax me.

  6. Honestly, krista, I'm no longer sure which one smells all nice and masculine smoky with slight vanilla? I tried both of them and since then I keep mixing them because at first I thought I tried one twice and was surprised it smelled differently than before. But I liked it nevertheless. :) So, now I know I like them both, I'm just not sure which one is which.


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