Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Video: Beyoncé Banned in Britain

Beyoncé's commercial for her latest perfume, Heat, has been banned on British TV channels before 7:30pm because it has been deemed "too sexually provocative" to be seen by young children.

I think she just looks kinda oily. But I like the fire effect of the wall. Beyoncé's advertising team must be over the moon with happiness about the free press.

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  1. Does the bathtub scene remind you of the bathtub scene in George Michael's Freedom video? From what I remember of that video, it looks just like it.

    She is quite oily from head to toe, but despite that she still looks great.

    I kept thinking her breasts were going to pop out of her dress. I imagine there was a boob wrangler/taper on set.


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