Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Perfume in the News: Le Labo debuts in Canada

From Saturday's Globe and Mail, Holiday shopping: Explore Toronto's neighbourhood boutiques:

Le Labo fragrances, $132 for 50 ml
For frequent fliers who buy perfume only duty-free, this New York line will take you on an olfactory adventure. Intoxicating formulations aside, the scents are composed and labelled by a specialist while you wait. Le Labo made its debut in Canada last week and is exclusive to 6, a beachy-chic boutique. 6 Roxborough Ave.; 416-960-8080; www.6bygeebeauty.com

When I get a chance to check it out, I'll give you a report.


  1. Kay and I went up there on Saturday after reading about it in the Globe. Celene is a great ambassador for the line. Le Labo - welcome to Canada!!!

  2. I'm jealous! Le Labo is amazing - wish it were closer to where I live. Enjoy!


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