Friday, October 7, 2011

Prada Candy plus Perfume and Food Combos

Trick or Treat

This is so not my usual thing. I thought I would hate Prada Candy but it's actually pretty yummy.

Prada Candy opens with a big sweet caramel note and lots of fluffy musks. When I first sniffed it I thought "Oh, this is going to be very popular." It has decent sillage and smells like a perfume that is sure to "pull" in crowded club. Sure enough, all the girls in the store raved about it; it's their new favourite.

But Prada Candy is more than a simple sweetie. The middle notes of the perfume are all about benzoin, an ancient resin that smells of soft honey and vanilla. The benzoin saves Prada Candy from being a cloying kiddie perfume by adding complexity. It has a dry almost herbal facet that reminds me of chamomile.

After a few hours, Prada Candy is back to being delicate caramel and musks clinging to my skin. With its powdery, musky skin note and its milky-sweet candy note, Prada Candy walks the line between comforting and sensual. Think of it as both a warm, caramel-coloured cashmere sweater coat, and as silky sweet lingerie.

Perfume and Food

The cooler weather is the perfect time to wear a gourmand perfume. It's even more fun to wear perfume and eat some complimentary food. Here are some yummy perfume/food combos for fall:
If you've tried Prada Candy, let me know what you think or tell me your favourite perfume/food combos.

House: Prada
Nose: Daniela Andrier
Notes: white musks, benzoin, caramel


  1. I do so agree that Candy "walks the line between comforting and sensual" and I am a big fan too.

    Your list of perfume and food combos is making me hungry now!

  2. Hi Vanessa. I just read your Juniper Sling review with the G&T and twiglets combo. What are twiglets?

  3. How about Theorema + eggnog?

  4. Ok... I'll give it a try on the skin even though I wasn't that thrilled by this perfume on a blotter. And I do not like the name, I do not think that it suits a grown-up woman. Though since it's not offensive I will disregard that factor if I like the scent on myself.


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