Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chandler Burr TEDx: Perfume as Olfactory Art

This talk by Chandler Burr at the TEDxDanubia 2011 has completely blown my mind.

I have a degree in Art History and studied the architecture of Mies van de Rohe and the part where he compares the Seagram building in New York to Chanel No. 5... it's perfect.

I can't catch my breath. I feel like there's literally a giant light bulb over my head. I want to move to New York and throw myself at Chandler's feet and beg for a chance to work with him. For free.

Thank you to The Perfume Shrine for posting this video first and making my world brighter!

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  1. Chandler Burr is obviously very bright and I love listening to him and reading him. But this presentation seemed to shoot just above the heads of his audience. There were so many references there that I wonder if he didn't lose people along the way. And... where were the visuals? Does everyone know what the Chrysler building looks like? I had to google it... I had an idea of what it looked like but I needed to refresh my memory to follow his analogy. Thanks for posting this... I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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