Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jean Patou - Vacances

The Garden of Eden

Oh, you're going to be mad at me for this one. This perfume is gorgeous, sublime and very much discontinued. If you can find a bottle, grab it. I have the bottle below, with the green glass stopper, and my only regret is that I can't spray it on myself to cover me from head to toe.

Jean Patou first released Vacances in 1936. It was created by Henri Almeras, the same nose who created the famous Joy. It's a shame that they aren't making this anymore because it's a really beautiful, fresh green floral.

Vacances starts with a big wash of green galbanum and the spicy-green scent of hyacinths. There is also something floating and sweeter, which may be the hawthorn. It reminds me of trees in bloom in the spring. The heart is more green with a touch of lilac and sweet mimosa.

Vacances blends grassy greeness with light sweet flowers that sometimes seem tart and sometimes powdery. Wearing feels like springtime in the Garden of Eden, when everything was new and innocent and pretty. Lie on your back while the grass tickles your toes and watch the gently waving blossoms and leaves in a cloudless blue sky.

House: Jean Patou
Nose: Henri Almeras
Notes: Top notes: hyacinth and hawthorn. Heart: lilac, mimosa, and galbanum. Base: musk.


  1. Ooh Vacances sounds so dreamy. I LOVE the Patou bottles and boxes. Why can't they make packaging like that now?

    You should decant some into a sprayer so you can do the head to toe thang!

    JoanElaine (Blogger wont let me comment yet again)

  2. Hi Bloody Frida: That's right, no aldehydes, so it's aged really well compared to aldehydic florals that some think smell "old lady."

  3. Hi JoanElaine: That's a good idea, I'll look for one. The only sprayers I have are the travel ones you can get a Shopper's, and those are made to take from OTHER spray bottles.

  4. I tried this the other (I received a sample in a swap) and I couldn't believe the transportation that happened - straight into my childhood summer at the seaside days. It's a wonderful perfume. :)

  5. I've read about this perfume on many occasions but haven't had a chance to try it. It sounds very appealing and I hope I'll try it one day.
    As to the smaller sprayers, I can recommend a decanter supplies company from which I've bought spray vials that I like (don't have it on my portable device, will send later).


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